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Luci Lights are the outdoor enthusiasts new best friend – every light is solar powered, waterproof, bright and never needs batteries and provide hours of ‘free’ light by solar recharging – complete in a rugged, compact lightweight package.

Luci has three convenient modes including a high visibility emergency flashing setting making them the ideal lantern for camping, backpacking and travel.  The lanterns are lightweight, compact and powered by solar panels built into the case.

Only 8 hours of charge gives 6 to 12 hours of light of up to 65 lumens.  Unlike other solar power products, Luci incorporates the functions of a task light, flash light and diffused lantern. Luci lights have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs very little making them compact, lightweight and collapsible – perfect for travel.   They are also durable and reliable in extreme weather conditions and can easily be attached to any wall or ceiling.

Luci lights are a clean, low-cost, sustainable energy provider offering a dependable solution where there are unreliable or absent electrical services.   Luci lights were created to empower the developing world through solar power, providing greater equity to those without access to electricity.

Safe & Rechargeable

Waterproof & Durable to IP67

Lightweight & Collapsible

Works In Any Weather

Rechargeable Battery Included

1 Year Warranty