The next generation of indoor golf showcased at London Golf Show

AboutGolf, producers of a Golf Simulator that brings outstanding and unprecedented levels of realism to the indoor golf environment, has announced that it will make its London Golf Show debut at the ExCel Exhibition centre from 26 – 29 April.
The move will enable visitors to experience the AboutGolf Simulator for the very first time at a UK based exhibition event, further more the London show will see the European showcase of two brand new advanced breakthrough technologies, FlightScope Kudu Power and the 3D/E™ graphics engine that are set to reinforce the companies number 1 worldwide volume sales position.

FlightScope Kudu Power is a sensor upgrade option that, when added to the AboutGolf simulator, delivers the Holy Grail of simulators—directly measured spin. Its unprecedented level of club data also allows FlightScope Kudu Power to take club fitting, teaching and self-analysis to new levels, demonstrating how serious AboutGolf is about its dominant position in the simulator market. “Kudu Power is an added sensor that substantially augments the capabilities of our system,” said Simon Burrows, AboutGolf Europes’s managing director. The FlightScope Kudu technology is engineered by EDH, AboutGolf’s key partner from South Africa.

The 3D/E graphics engine is a major upgrade to AboutGolf’s proprietary graphics software, allowing the company to expand its lead in the simulator market. This “higher-than-high-def” upgrade takes graphics to unprecedented levels. Threedimensional rendered graphics are the only way to ensure the accurate flight and placement of every shot. The 3D/E graphics engine enables trees, grass and flags to blow in the wind, for clouds to change shape and move by, birds to fly overhead and waves to roll onto the shore.