The Original Muck Boot Company launches the highly anticipated Arctic Grip collection


Premium outdoor boot brand, The Original Muck Boot Company is delighted to introduce the most  advanced cold  weather gripping  system ever  created.  The new ground-­‐breaking  sole technology by Vibram is specifically engineered and designed to perform on the wet ice, meaning the wearer can discover a whole new world of grip and performance. Each of the extreme conditions sports  boots from  Muck  Boot feature  a  Vibram  Arctic  Grip  Outsole allowing the wearer to rest easy even when walking on the iciest of pathways.

Arctic Grip Collection Press Release

Muck  Boot know  that the  winter can  be unpredictable,  but believe  that your  footwear shouldn’t be. The collection features 5-­‐8mm of CR Flex-­‐Foam and a fleece lining all wrapped in a  soft rubber  outer layer,  meaning your  feet will  stay warm  and dry  in even  the most  extreme temperatures. The  Vibram  Arctic  Grip technology  features a  unique polymer  blend coupled  with an  advanced filler system and new processing technique. This is then paired with the Vibram Icetrek,  which yields  the best  grip on  dry ice.  Designed to  be used  in the  coldest of  conditions, the Arctic Grip offers performance, quality and durability at a temperature range of  -­‐1°C  to  -­‐50°C.  The collection  features a  soft fleece  lining offering  superior warmth  and enhanced comfort, yet still durable to endure long cold treks and glacial environments.

The new Arctic Grip range is available in two height variations (Tall and Mid) in both men’s, ranging from UK size 6 to 14 and women’s, ranging from a UK size 3 through to a 10. With a variety of colorways to choose from, the collection offers something for everyone.