Trekmates Element 2-in-1 glove

Warmth and grip used to be considered incompatible features in a glove. Our solution: the new GORE-TEX Gloves with GORE 2-in-1 Technology. A glove with two chambers and a unique feature: an easy and convenient change between direct grip and warmth.
One glove for all temperatures and every activity level. In the warm chamber the insulation provides maximum warmth over all sides of the fingers and in the grip. In the grip chamber the insulation is only on one side. This means optimum tactility, maximum breathability and heat loss on three sides of the fingers.

  • GORE-TEX gloves with 2 in 1 technology
  • Improved warmth
  • Better Grip
  • One glove for all Temperatures
  • One glove for all levels of activity
  • Durably waterproof,windproof and highly breathable