Vango’s new stoves for 2010

New for 2010 Vango has introduced a brand new range of stoves small enough to slip into any backpack and light enough not to weigh you down, with practicality and ease of use in mind.

The Compact Gas Stove (£12) is great value, easy to operate and measures just 46mm x 105mm. Featuring a fold-out pot support, it packs away into its own storage container and weights just 103g. To protect against wind it has baffles on the burner. Boiling time of only 4 minutes for 1 litre of water.

Ideal for large loads or unstable surfaces the Folding Gas Stove (£20) is also perfect for groups. Featuring a 145mm burner and with a height of only 48mm and a pipe to connect to the gas container this is the most stable of all the stoves. Weighing in at 210g the folding gas stove has a boiling time of 6 minutes for 1 litre of water.

When weight needs to be kept to a minimum the Ultralight Gas Stove (£20) is the lightest in the range weighting only 72g, yet takes only 3 minutes to boil 1 litre of water. Ideal for adventure racing or long expeditions it has fold away pot supports to create a compact, lightweight unit.

Winter winds can make using matches extremely difficult and with this in mind why not invest in a Vango Firestarter (£6).

To find out more about this exciting new range visit the all new