Vibram FiveFingers launch a brand new model

There is a winter-flavored new entry in the Vibram FiveFingers world: the renowned five-toes shoe gets a contemporary lifestyle twist with the new model Vibram FiveFingers CVT Wool, a pair of shoes designed for those who want to experience a barefoot sensation also in their spare time not giving up on protection.

This brand new shoe by Vibram enters now the collection together with the more sport-oriented models for training, fitness and outdoor activities.

Vibram five toes

Vibram FiveFingers CVT Wool is perfect to be worn during both autumn and winter, the ultimate solution enabling all fans of minimalist shoes to increase their ability to feel naturally in contact with the ground by offering feet the sensational experience of an extreme freedom of movement of the toes.

The upper Vibram FiveFingers CVT Wool is made in warm and transpiring wool, to ensure comfort and warmth even on the coldest days. This model gives you maximum protection thanks to Vibram ICETREK rubber inserts guaranteeing excellent grip and stability also on those moist and slippery surfaces you run into in wintertime, united to flexible EVA rubber making walking enjoyable.