Walkstool looks for UK growth

Swedish firm looking for UK outdoor distributor for its seating system

Portable seating specialist Walkstool is on the look-out for a specialist outdoor distributor in the UK to help it target large sections of the market it is currently missing out on.

The Swedish firm has a number of distribution partners in the UK already, such as Alan Rhone, GMK and Podiacare, but Lars Andersson, president of the company, said these are targeting markets such as the hunting and professional healthcare sectors, and not providing it with opportunities in the wider outdoor market.

Walkstool uses a patented and trademarked design featuring three telescopic legs, according to Andersson. This means it can be used in two configurations, either extended for a normal seating position, or collapsed for a low sitting position. Four height variants are also available, scoping from 45cm to 75cm with increasing seat sizes the longer the legs.

Andersson said the product is ideal for a number of markets, from professionals working at low levels, such as electricians, healthcare workers and physiotherapists, to photographers and birdwatchers, but has a natural setting in the outdoors market, whether camping, walking, hunting or fishing.

Commercial entities, such as Rover, Nikon and Zeuss, have already worked with Walkstool to produce bespoke versions featuring their logos as marketing gifts. This has grown awareness of the brand in some sectors but Andersson wants more.

He said: “It is ideal for anyone who wants to sit, has to spend a long time standing or works in a low position. We have some distributors in the UK but no-one targeting the outdoor market, and we want one.”

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